Mindy Hadi

Mindy Hadi is an Occupational Psychologist who joined  BRE in 1999. Her work within the Building Futures team focuses on the social aspects of sustainability, underpinned by her background in organisational development and behavioural science. Particular areas of interest are social sustainability and the interactions between built environment and the people who live and work in it, ensuring that buildings and communities are designed to meet the needs of their end users in terms of health, well-being and productivity. She has been has recently been carrying out research on sustainable communities and social housing in Brazil and developing indicators for Eco-cities in China as well as the Communities Living Sustainably research for the BIG Lottery Fund. Mindy has published a number of articles and reports on social sustainability  including ‘Working with the community, a good practice guide for the construction industry’ and ‘The Move to Low Carbon Design: Are designers taking the needs of building users into account?’