John Alexander

John and Gavin George formed Aquobex in early 2010 to bring a new business approach to the flood protection industry in the UK.

An outsourced business model was chosen that embraced the best products and services of established players and leading suppliers in the industry.

Bringing this together in a coherent model that customers could understand has been the reason why Aquobex is now considered a leading consultancy and supplier of the best and most appropriate flood protection solutions in the market.

John has been instrumental in seeking out new partners and products so that our portfolio now includes flood resilient solutions, innovative SUDS applications and state-of-the-art passive flood barriers.

Driving the company forward John has helped in the development of some of the 4 patented products Aquobex sells and has helped place the company at the head of innovative design with the exciting introduction of a Zero Threshold Flood Door in early 2017