Stephen Garvin

Stephen has extensive experience in research, consultancy, testing and certification activities at BRE.  His main research interests involve building technology, flood resilience, climate change and risk assessment.  He has worked on projects concerning the flood resilience of buildings, how to repair existing buildings and increase their resilience to future flood. 

Stephen was nominated as a UK Management Committee member for the COST Action C22 on Urban Flood Management (2005-2010).  He coordinated a 4 million Euro EU project (SMARTeST) on innovation in flood resilience technology. This FRe technology includes various forms of barriers and building technologies.  Stephen has been involved in developing training courses for construction professionals in urban flood management. 

Stephen was a co-author and coeditor of the books, ‘Advances in Urban Flood Management (2007)’ and ‘Urban Flood Management (2010)’. He has more than 100 publications on his work, these have been published in journals, conferences and as BRE publications.  He is involved in British Standards committees on flood resilient construction.